When it comes to the week of your wedding, you want to have as little stress as possible. One way to do this is to prepare your decorations well throughout the planning process.

Preparing for your drop-off starts as soon as you begin to purchase decorations. Wedding drop-offs take place on Tuesday or Wednesday, the week of the wedding. This is the time when you bring all your decorations (guest book + pens, master seating chart, etc, etc, etc, etc) plus your alcohol to dock580. You will schedule a specific time with your Day Of Coordinator and they will be prepared with carts and muscles to bring everything inside.

As you purchase décor items, here are some tips:

Remove all price tags and stickers

If the sticker is on glass, spray some Windex on it; let it soak in for a minute or two and it will come off easier.



If you purchase toasting flutes, cake stands, cake knife & server, etc, make sure to wash everything.

You don’t want any finger prints or dirty glasses out.


Make a list of everything that you need for your wedding, as you buy items, cross them off the list.


Pack boxes by location

For example, if you have a welcome table that will consist of marquee letters, an engagement photo, guestbook + pens, put all of these items in one box and label it with the following:


marquee letters

engagement photo

guestbook + pens


If you have décor for your dessert table, label one box with the following:


cake knife

cake stand

sheer overlay


Packing boxes by where the decoration will be placed in the room will help to keep your items organized. Labeling boxes will also assist the dock580 staff in locating specific items whilst setting up and will be helpful at the end of the night for packing up. All the décor will then go back into the same boxes in which it came.

Photos for set-up

If you have a very particular vision for décor arrangement, set-up the décor at home, snap a photo, and include it with your decorations.  Make sure to set it up on a table or in an area that is to scale with the actual table it will be set up on.  Spreading out cake table decorations on a 6’ rectangle kitchen table will not have the same effect on a 4’ round cake table.


As you purchase decorations for your wedding, going through these simple steps will help the week of and the drop off go smoothly. And before you know it, you’ll be married!

And as always, chat with your Coordinator if you have any questions about your drop off.

Happy planning!


Emily Gneiser x0x0


The Evolution of dock580

Though time and space do not permit me to go into the last 20 years of growth, I will attempt to share my thoughts of how we arrived here.

Zuppa was started in July 1997 as an answer to need and prayer. My wife and I have a deep faith in God through His son and coming out of a horrible bankruptsy we were at a turning point.

Not sure who will read this or what the beliefs are of those who do, but I would not be telling the truth if I left this part out. There is a God, He does care.

We started in a small cafe with a counter and four stools. Most of what we did was carry out and delivery. Our belief was, and still is, give great service and truly care about our customers. Make a difference in the lives we touch on a daily basis. I still can't thinkg of a better reason to get up each morning than this mission.

Zuppa moved to its Upper Arlington address a few years later. Starting a wholesale baking division which prompted a move to our current space at 580 North 4th Street. After getting a taste of the events business we decided to be all in. Building another event space at the east part of the property.

Currently operating two event spaces and considering a third on the rooftop of 580, we enjoy weddings, parties, corporate and fundraisers with the same mission: give great service, care for our customers, and make a differance in our guests lives as well as our incredible staff. 

-Steve Rayo


Anna - Week 4

I have been at Dock580 for a month now so I am becoming more independent in the duties I am given. I am becoming more familiar with everyone and I am pretty sure I have come close to shadowing every position except maybe the chefs. I like that they gave me that opportunity because now I can see everyone’s job and how it all comes together for the events. It would not have been a normal week for me though if there was not something new thrown my way and last week it was my first corporate event. On Thursday, I got the opportunity to work a Hollister-Abercrombie corporate event. I worked this event shadowing the captain. I really enjoyed this event and got to see how it differs from weddings. It got a little rowdy, but you could tell everyone was enjoying themselves and having fun which made it more rewarding for us working the event. I also worked a wedding on Friday of last weekend shadowing the coordinator. I am starting to get the hang of everything the coordinator does in their position but there is always more for me learn. With the more events I work the more comfortable I get but you can never have too much practice, especially at this job! I am looking forward to what the month of July brings!


Anna - Week 3

As far as new experiences go, Saturday would definitely be one of them. On Saturday I got to work my first off site wedding. These are much different than on-site weddings because we have to bring everything we may need and more with us from Dock580 to the offsite location. It was stressful at some points, but through it all it ended up being a beautiful reception. Through this experience I learned that all the coordinators have their own way of running events, and off-site events are no exception. I also learned how to adapt at this event, because I was so use to having the structure of an on-site event where everything has a place so that items for events were easy to find; but off-site events are a little less structured, which challenged me to adapt to a new work setting. 


Bridal Shower

I am honored and excited to be a Maid of Honor (MOH) for the first time this summer!  The Bride has been my best friend since 5th grade (que song from the movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding) and soon as I found out, I was so excited to plan with her.  As MOH, one of my responsibilities was the Bridal Shower. In my head, I immediately started planning a mini version of what I would want my wedding to be.  After about 30 minutes of day dreaming, I regrouped and remembered that this was not about me; this was about my best friend! So, I reeled it in and thought about her and what kind of shower she deserved.

Obviously, she deserves the best of the best so the pressure was on! To help me decide what kind of “theme” I wanted to go for, I started looking at invitations.  The Bride is the kindest, most thoughtful and loyal friend, and an art teacher; I wanted to make sure that the theme reflected who she is and that I didn’t just go with something trendy.  I settled on using www.weddingpaperdivas.com  - an affiliate of Shutter Fly – because they have soooo many options and are reasonably priced.

After deciding on watercolor / floral invitation and theme, I recruited (that’s my inner sorority girl there) the Matron of Honor to help me. See…I’m not much of a cook; I am known for bringing  my two signature dips to any gathering. Knowing the Matron of Honor was a better cook and baker than I will ever be, we split up the foods we would be bringing… and voila!  The menu was decided on!

Next up, beverages, A.K.A. “Bevies”.  What is a shower without some champs?  Naturally, the champagne bar was a must.

We decided on a few simple games that would entertain the guests without occupying all of the social time and checked in the with the Bride to make sure we didn’t do anything that would embarrass her.

Last but not least, we had to cover decorations… my favorite! I didn’t want to do her wedding colors because I wanted to make sure that her wedding day remained extra special! So, I went with “Dusty Rose” linens (which I’m currently obsessed with), mercury glass vases with baby’s breath (something simple), and of course, candles! I didn’t want to go overboard with decorations, because yet again, this day was not about me; it was about the Bride. So why distract people from her beauty with decorations?

Because I am planning and running weddings pretty much every weekend, the planning came easy to me. However, because I am not used to having such a personal connection to the event, I found that I was often wanting to add things (more decorations, more food, and more of a “party” environment). But after thinking about who the Bride was, I was often reminding myself to ask myself one question:  “Is this something the Bride would like or am I thinking of myself?”  That always brought me back to reality and, I think, helped me plan the best bridal shower possible for my best friend.

So, my final thoughts and advice on planning a bridal shower, is to always keep the bride in mind and, as my Mother has always said, “Less is always more”. I know that keeping my BF/The Bride in mind helped me plan & execute a wonderful shower! Not to toot my own horn (Toot, Toot!), but I received many compliments and everyone had a wonderful time.