Anna- Week Two
Monday, June 20, 2016 at 1:16PM

My second week as an intern here at Dock580 has come and gone and I can now say I have worked a full wedding. Start to finish. For this wedding I got to be there for the drop off, which means I was there when the Bride brought all her decorations and final floor plans. The drop offs happen earlier in the week prior to the event. This wedding took place on Saturday in the Venue. I worked under the Captain and the Coordinator (Emily) for this event. I loved being there for all of the event and being able to see it all come together from set-up to tear-down. One thing I learned from being at this full event is that the coordinator can be put into some very high stress situations but Emily showed me that if handled calmly, and correctly that stress will fall away and the wedding will go on. I learned that the client always comes first because seeing the bride and groom pleased and happy is the ultimate goal (and a very good feeling for the coordinators!!). The ceremony and reception were beautiful and I cannot wait to be able to help coordinate more full events and weddings. 

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