Bridal Shower
Monday, June 20, 2016 at 1:16PM

I am honored and excited to be a Maid of Honor (MOH) for the first time this summer!  The Bride has been my best friend since 5th grade (que song from the movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding) and soon as I found out, I was so excited to plan with her.  As MOH, one of my responsibilities was the Bridal Shower. In my head, I immediately started planning a mini version of what I would want my wedding to be.  After about 30 minutes of day dreaming, I regrouped and remembered that this was not about me; this was about my best friend! So, I reeled it in and thought about her and what kind of shower she deserved.

Obviously, she deserves the best of the best so the pressure was on! To help me decide what kind of “theme” I wanted to go for, I started looking at invitations.  The Bride is the kindest, most thoughtful and loyal friend, and an art teacher; I wanted to make sure that the theme reflected who she is and that I didn’t just go with something trendy.  I settled on using  - an affiliate of Shutter Fly – because they have soooo many options and are reasonably priced.

After deciding on watercolor / floral invitation and theme, I recruited (that’s my inner sorority girl there) the Matron of Honor to help me. See…I’m not much of a cook; I am known for bringing  my two signature dips to any gathering. Knowing the Matron of Honor was a better cook and baker than I will ever be, we split up the foods we would be bringing… and voila!  The menu was decided on!

Next up, beverages, A.K.A. “Bevies”.  What is a shower without some champs?  Naturally, the champagne bar was a must.

We decided on a few simple games that would entertain the guests without occupying all of the social time and checked in the with the Bride to make sure we didn’t do anything that would embarrass her.

Last but not least, we had to cover decorations… my favorite! I didn’t want to do her wedding colors because I wanted to make sure that her wedding day remained extra special! So, I went with “Dusty Rose” linens (which I’m currently obsessed with), mercury glass vases with baby’s breath (something simple), and of course, candles! I didn’t want to go overboard with decorations, because yet again, this day was not about me; it was about the Bride. So why distract people from her beauty with decorations?

Because I am planning and running weddings pretty much every weekend, the planning came easy to me. However, because I am not used to having such a personal connection to the event, I found that I was often wanting to add things (more decorations, more food, and more of a “party” environment). But after thinking about who the Bride was, I was often reminding myself to ask myself one question:  “Is this something the Bride would like or am I thinking of myself?”  That always brought me back to reality and, I think, helped me plan the best bridal shower possible for my best friend.

So, my final thoughts and advice on planning a bridal shower, is to always keep the bride in mind and, as my Mother has always said, “Less is always more”. I know that keeping my BF/The Bride in mind helped me plan & execute a wonderful shower! Not to toot my own horn (Toot, Toot!), but I received many compliments and everyone had a wonderful time.

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