Why You Really Need A DJ....
Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 3:55PM

Since both The Venue and The Loft at dock580 include an in-house sound system, clients often ask us if they really need a DJ.  While that choice is ultimately always up to each individual client, I can tell you (after having witnessed several iPod disasters) with absolute certainty that you will never regret hiring a DJ for your wedding.  You might regret which DJ you choose; you might regret which songs you select; but both of those will pale in comparison to the regret of having your second cousin say your name wrong during your grand entrance.

                Let’s start with the obvious hurdle:  technical difficulties.  Have you ever checked your iPod before leaving the house to see that it has 95% battery, only to have that suddenly drain to 5% halfway into the second song?  Have you ever tirelessly created a playlist for the gym only to realize that it didn’t sync?   As annoying as those things are in everyday life, imagine them happening at your wedding.  Insert scream face emoji here.  Besides those two obvious technical malfunctions, also factor in a couple hundred guests consuming many  drinks and deciding that one of them should be your DJ; if you think your college roommate’s new boyfriend won’t press skip on your iPod during your wedding, you’re wrong.

                Let’s also consider the emcee aspect of a wedding.  As I discussed in my previous post regarding an event coordinator’s job responsibilities, we are there to make sure that the night stays on track and that all of the events happen at their scheduled times; our job responsibilities do not include making announcements.  A lot of clients think that the DJ is just there to play music, but their most important role is feeling out the crowd and making sure that your guests are where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there.  It’s true enough that “anyone can talk on a microphone” but after having seen many guests awkwardly announce the father – daughter dance, I feel confident recommending that a sober professional is always the right choice.

                Like most venues, dock580 offers a preferred vendor list that is stacked with seasoned professionals.  If you are on the hunt for your DJ, feel free to contact your coordinator for recommendations. 

Happy planning!

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