Anna - Week 4
Friday, July 8, 2016 at 10:53AM

I have been at Dock580 for a month now so I am becoming more independent in the duties I am given. I am becoming more familiar with everyone and I am pretty sure I have come close to shadowing every position except maybe the chefs. I like that they gave me that opportunity because now I can see everyone’s job and how it all comes together for the events. It would not have been a normal week for me though if there was not something new thrown my way and last week it was my first corporate event. On Thursday, I got the opportunity to work a Hollister-Abercrombie corporate event. I worked this event shadowing the captain. I really enjoyed this event and got to see how it differs from weddings. It got a little rowdy, but you could tell everyone was enjoying themselves and having fun which made it more rewarding for us working the event. I also worked a wedding on Friday of last weekend shadowing the coordinator. I am starting to get the hang of everything the coordinator does in their position but there is always more for me learn. With the more events I work the more comfortable I get but you can never have too much practice, especially at this job! I am looking forward to what the month of July brings!

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