The Evolution of dock580
Friday, July 8, 2016 at 10:55AM

Though time and space do not permit me to go into the last 20 years of growth, I will attempt to share my thoughts of how we arrived here.

Zuppa was started in July 1997 as an answer to need and prayer. My wife and I have a deep faith in God through His son and coming out of a horrible bankruptsy we were at a turning point.

Not sure who will read this or what the beliefs are of those who do, but I would not be telling the truth if I left this part out. There is a God, He does care.

We started in a small cafe with a counter and four stools. Most of what we did was carry out and delivery. Our belief was, and still is, give great service and truly care about our customers. Make a difference in the lives we touch on a daily basis. I still can't thinkg of a better reason to get up each morning than this mission.

Zuppa moved to its Upper Arlington address a few years later. Starting a wholesale baking division which prompted a move to our current space at 580 North 4th Street. After getting a taste of the events business we decided to be all in. Building another event space at the east part of the property.

Currently operating two event spaces and considering a third on the rooftop of 580, we enjoy weddings, parties, corporate and fundraisers with the same mission: give great service, care for our customers, and make a differance in our guests lives as well as our incredible staff. 

-Steve Rayo

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