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When it comes to the week of your wedding, you want to have as little stress as possible. One way to do this is to prepare your decorations well throughout the planning process.

Preparing for your drop-off starts as soon as you begin to purchase decorations. Wedding drop-offs take place on Tuesday or Wednesday, the week of the wedding. This is the time when you bring all your decorations (guest book + pens, master seating chart, etc, etc, etc, etc) plus your alcohol to dock580. You will schedule a specific time with your Day Of Coordinator and they will be prepared with carts and muscles to bring everything inside.

As you purchase décor items, here are some tips:

Remove all price tags and stickers

If the sticker is on glass, spray some Windex on it; let it soak in for a minute or two and it will come off easier.



If you purchase toasting flutes, cake stands, cake knife & server, etc, make sure to wash everything.

You don’t want any finger prints or dirty glasses out.


Make a list of everything that you need for your wedding, as you buy items, cross them off the list.


Pack boxes by location

For example, if you have a welcome table that will consist of marquee letters, an engagement photo, guestbook + pens, put all of these items in one box and label it with the following:


marquee letters

engagement photo

guestbook + pens


If you have décor for your dessert table, label one box with the following:


cake knife

cake stand

sheer overlay


Packing boxes by where the decoration will be placed in the room will help to keep your items organized. Labeling boxes will also assist the dock580 staff in locating specific items whilst setting up and will be helpful at the end of the night for packing up. All the décor will then go back into the same boxes in which it came.

Photos for set-up

If you have a very particular vision for décor arrangement, set-up the décor at home, snap a photo, and include it with your decorations.  Make sure to set it up on a table or in an area that is to scale with the actual table it will be set up on.  Spreading out cake table decorations on a 6’ rectangle kitchen table will not have the same effect on a 4’ round cake table.


As you purchase decorations for your wedding, going through these simple steps will help the week of and the drop off go smoothly. And before you know it, you’ll be married!

And as always, chat with your Coordinator if you have any questions about your drop off.

Happy planning!


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